Vietnam War Uniforms

WW2 herringbone weave BDU

Found at an estate in South Saint Louis, His wife I was told was Vietnamese and spoke no English. He did a combat tour with 1st Aviation brigade, later Special Forces

Mint pair of Jungle pants ripstop Pants are dated 1968

Tags inside the mint pair of ripstop pants

Named US Navy BDU, Special Boat Unit 13 - Vigilance

Close up of Insignia

Very early war odd BDU

Could have been private purchase, very early MAAG VIETNAM insignia, unusual combat sleeve insignia – looks to be Korean war made patch – jump wings

Rare early war MAGG Vietnam patch

Close up of rare theatre made Korean war patch / theatre ma

Rare Sentry Dog Handler – USAF – Named

Rare Sentry Dog Handler – USAF – Named

Sentry Dog Handler - closeup of in country made insignia and Name tape

Captain BDU First Air Cav. Ranger Airborne H Company – 75th Ranger Infantry – named - cib

Captain BDU – close up of theatre made insignia 75th Ranger and First Air Cav

 United States Air Force BDU – named – K-9 Combat Defence Squadron

United States Air Force BDU – all insignia is In Country Vietnamese made

US Navy – named Poplin jungle Jacket mine division. Navy bdu shirts had the unit patch worn on the right sleeve

Picture of Navy Mine Division insignia – patch and name tape are theatre made pieces

US Special forces – named – combat tour with 101st Airborne – South Vietnamese special forces technical Directive patch- south Vietnamese instructor jump wings- master US jump wings – CIB

US Special forces named jacket close up of insignia right side of jacket

US Special forces named jacket showing Cut edge special forces patch with merrowed edge Airborne rocker 1968

Pleiku sentry police dog section – Military police - rip stop jungle jacket-named – security police patch

Picture of the security police insignia and the pocket cloth patch of police badge, security patch looks theatre made

Picture of right sleeve of jacket with rare security section Pleiku – theatre made insignia

Mint Pair of Second pattern poplin jungle pants

Very Rare Unit – PJ’s Pararescue USAF – first to wear the maroon beret as issue – rescue of downed pilots in north and south Vietnam

Close up of the insignia with the Jolly green insignia 31st AARS – Aerospace rescue and Recovery service - That others may live US made patch

Para Rescue direct embroidered name and US air force with Captain bars

US Nave Fire Retardant jacket – named – HAL 3 - Det 3 - Armed Helo’s - SEA WOLVES – NAVY PILOT WINGS

Sea Wolves insignia

Early Special Forces OG 107 BDU – with all US insignia – named

Early Special Forces OG 107 BDU – closeup of US insignia

Special forces post war bdu with post war insignia

Americal - 23 infantry Division Jungle jacket with 101st Airborne Recondo patch

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