Vietnam War Uniforms

Rare famous unit – Helatktron -3 , attack helicopter units , named / wings are odd, looks theatre made and could be pilot or crew wings

I had to have this Jacket , shows real wear and war time condition , rare insignia , this is an original US Navy jacket , the Sea Floats were made of barges in the rivers of south Vietnam, they were command center’s on the rivers and would support villages against attacks by the Viet Cong , the PBRs would tie up to them and Helicopters would land on them . there were also combat teams stationed near buy on land.

Back of the sea Float Jacket , showing his hand drawn COSTAL SWIFT BOAT SQUADRON PATCH

US Army, Named Jungle Jacket – poplin – First Air Cav. Dog Handler, 34th IPSD. INFANTRY PLATOON SCOUT DOG – POINT FOR THE CAV. HELL ON PAWS. Combat infantry badge. Does not get much better than this

USAF Dog handler erdl ripstop coat , name tapes in English and Thai . 388th security squadron K-9 - Named Leonard – 388th security police patch on combat sleeve . nice

A great grouping to one pilot with the First Aviation Brigade , jungle jackets – fight suites - hat . Named Cushman – grouping this large or very hard to come by .

 Cushman group, after his Vietnam tour with the First Aviation brigade he was with the 82 Airborne

Cushman group - uniform shirt ‘ with ribbons and name plate - Standard US Army OG 107 BDU shirt, after his tour in Nam

Cushman fire retardant flight uniform with colored First Aviation Brigade patch

Cushman His issue US army Vietnam Ball cap with warrant officer badge and pilot wings

US NAVY poplin BDU named badged to MOTU – 13 – with black beret

Nice OG – 107 BDU named , early war insignia – Jungle expert – second award CIB – first air cav full colour insignia. great shirt

USCG Thailand ‘ named – has English and Thai wording on name tapes – US Navy poplin BDU – this is one hard shirt to ever find , US Coast Guard had a limited role in Vietnam and they did serve with dignity . rare shirt

USAF 355th Security Squadron – EDRL – ripstop -named – very rare patch – this unit guarded US air bases in Thailand during the war

US Army Mechanized 47th Inf. Panthers, really nice two piece theatre made insignia , ordinance badge on collar

Close up of Panthers insignia of the 47th Infantry patch has 2DEN on the patch , I do not know what that refers too

Found in an abandoned house, very cool tour jacket for US Navy vet, a lot of the patches are theater made , nick name Buddha, jacket was found with pants with theater made name tapes DJ Aubuchon.
Found at the Alamo - st Louis 

Excellent condition flyers kit bag in sage green ? looks grey, dated 1967 hard to find in this condition
Found at alamo -St Louis


tailor made special forces BDU uniform is unissued and in like new condition, as brought back, made to wear out side the pants ,a very rare find , used by early sf advisors and phoenix group

For years I had this listed as a main force VC officer uniform, i have had many SF vets and other collectors who disagreed with that. I talked to all the special forces collectors I know and they say it was made for special forces, they wore these black uniforms in the early war and the phoenix program . The picture is from Southerland book, shows the exact same uniform, only with long sleeves. This is a very rare uniform to find, i have never found another. I have had this for over 30 years 

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