Vietnam War Uniforms

Mint never worn US Special Forces OG 107, master jump wings

Uniform from Vietnam Veteran one start General Taylor, this was a post war uniform showing all his information, combat tour in Nam with Special Forces, ARVN Ranger Brest badge , cib , jump wings and post war command with Ranger 101st Airborne . Name tape and US Army tape are Vietnam theatre made pieces. Great find

Close up of General Taylors badged third pattern poplin jacket

USAF Named rare shirt 635th Security Police squadron K-9. They protected the US Base at U Tapao Thailand, the shirt is a ripstop ERDL

Close up of the 635th Security Police Squadron K-9 insignia

Nice Badged, Named brown dominate ERDL shirt with all theatre made insignia , 635 security police squadron U TAPAO base . I never found out what the insignia on the combat sleeve represents

Very rare patch to a very small unit in Vietnam, Stable Door was inshore undersea warfare group , chiefly responsible for harbour Defense. in South Vietnam . shirt is a US navy BDU, unit tape IUWD_is a underwater demolition , he was rank E-6 name tape removed 74 Close up of rare insignia of the stable Door group.

Nice poplin ripstop jacket , USAF Police Security unit / ranger qualified / that’s rare , theatre made insignia named . in past the patch was considered ARVN , he may have been an advisor to the ARVN security police air force

US NAVY BDU – OG 107 Costal Division – vigilance – named

Close up of Costal Division patch

Very rare obscure unit – Only USN search and rescue Helicopter unit that was dedicated to just search and rescue, they were in Vietnam for over 7 years . HC- 7 Helicopter combat SQ- 7

The HC-7 shirt is a USN poplin BDU , the arm has Insignia stamped on it , many times . not sure about why . Hastings was his name

 US Army – named third pattern Jungle jacket Poplin , combat medic badge , looks to be a really wore out theatre made patch on sleeve , look like 25th Infantry

US Army colonel – Nurse medical BDU shirt , USAV patch , hard shirts to find with insignia

 US Navy , poplin jungle , theatre made tapes , River 534 Section PBR . Riverine

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