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NVA VietCong 11

NVA VietCong 11


One of the most captured items brought back from the viet nam war next to captured belts 

Chi com canteens in belt carried covers, these are all war time covers, note the one cap is different than the others in size

chi com canteens out of the carriers 

Backs of the carriers showing the belt attachments

Huge plastic canteen, the straps have loops to be worn like a back over the shoulders, I have no idea if this canteen was used during the war, I picked it up because it was so unique

Chi com canteens showing the various types of harness's that were common during the war the blue cap is said to be for medical personal
Canteens were decorated many times with names and designs put on by the owners this one has a large initial, also has a brown color not the usual green

Look close at this canteen it shows a hand with the fingers in a v for victory, not sure if the vet that captured it did this or the nva solider a very cool find

Captured canteen with a cross and a st Christopher medal attached

I believe these captured canteens are copies of the Japanese ww2 canteens, they are chi com made , the canteen on the left has a jungle made strap out of a belt or ???? the right one is the standard for this type of canteen

Alum canteen dated 61 with a jungle made cloth carrier, I do not know who made this canteen or country of origin, if you do let me know

Back of the jungle made carrier for this odd unusual canteen
Front of the jungle made carrier 

Way cool captured off of a vc, canteen is a russian canteen with a captured us pouch and a shoulder strap made out of parachute material
Not often seen field expedient addition, a sock pulled over the canteen for insulation 

French canteens used by the viet cong  

Outstanding original NVA/VC canteen

unknown captured canteen

Russian ww2 canteen 

South Vietnamese canteen used by the vc in a north Vietnamese made carrier 

Ccaptured canteen, much larger than the standard chi com canteen, only one of these I have found


pair #1
note the wear on the sandals, the edges are not sharp, this is the first thing in look for in a sandal, the vets had sandals made in the local village and brought them home or used them for shower shoes and current made ones don't exhibit this wear or character

note the tread design, they were made from the same tire, and show the same amount of wear. The innertube straps are worn off on the front of the shoe

pair #2
Very nice matched set of ho sandles, show honest wear and are original

Bottom of this pair shows heavy wear, no straps are visible and the tread match edges are smooth from use

pair #3
Original but miss matched, this was common to find a vc with two different tread designs, this pair shows use and has smooth edges from wear
Bottom of pair same size. different tire tread

This single sandal was picked up in si gon the day after tet 68, the vet I got this from said there were sandals laying everywhere, he could not find two alike so he just took this one.
Single shows it was worn and has all the correct feathers of an original war tie sandal


A favorite bring back item for the nam vets was a captured belt 

Two early belts, could be viet minn or early advisor period, brass star buckle
A group of original belts, I am no expert on belts, most are I believe are jungle made copys of chicom type belts exported to vietnam, all seem to be pistol belts or service type for equipment 

Copy of a us pistol belt, I have ask many friends about this belt and is it post war or war time? I have not seen this belt in pictures of the nva or vc, they are mostly wearing our us belts or chicom belts. These may have been exported by china to all communist armies in the conflict. a belt that could use all of our equipment that was captured or stolen, worn by the north, Cambodia and LAOS

Belts I could not identify as to who made them or country of origin
All belts are chinese type exported to the north for use in the war 


A very rare holster, chinese holster, for the silenced pistol, the silenced 7.65 pistol of chicom origin was used by the NVA / VC

Two typical types of chi com holsters used by the nva and vc throughout war 


Group of modified and field expedient pouches, some are hand made some are parts of Chinese chest rigs for the sks and ak

Reverse of the above pouches and holster, the holster looks to have been a leg holster or a real thin person

This is a great item, its 100% original and was a bring back item from Laos in 1961, hmong in origin, this is a tribal item used by the Viet cong during the war and know as a jungle talker. This one came to the states in 1961 , brought home by a CIA operative


NVA . viet cong chi com gas mask with original carry bags
Vietnamese writing on side of the gas mask


Three soviet block ak mag pouches , exported to Vietnam from communist block countries for use by nva and vc
Reverse of the soviet block ak pouches

A very nice condition Vietnamese made pouch for the ak .
Pouch is made of thin material and incorporates the wood toggle 

Back of the vietnamese made pouch 

Vietnamese made ak mag pouch with aluminum toggles, very rare piece
Reverse of vietnamese made ak pouch  


A chi com captured sks chest rig

Above pouch showing Chinese writing on back of sterile pouch