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NVA VietCong 9

NVA VietCong 9


1. All captured magazine and ammunition chest rigs captured with original magazines and ammo and accessories

2. Way cool, Mac v sog captured, cadaver cut, not Chinese made this chest rig was nva or vc made, look close at the toggles made of composite materi9al, came with three original mags and oil bottle, from Jason hardy at the dog tag .com
3. Reverse side of the mac v sog captured vc / nva made chest pouch, very different from a Chinese made unit

1. A most outstanding complete captured magazine ak chest rig, this is exactly as captured and brought back, the mags have a thin material cloth to water proof the mags, like a rain coat material, all three mags were wrapped in this material, there is a ground sheet, oil bottle, parachute cord, and rubber inner tube strap, not sure what that was for, to small for sandal repair this is a chi com made rig 

2. A very rare shoulder carried magazine pouch, Chinese made , all mags are loaded with original rounds. Found in a basement of a vet that had left his wife and she was selling all his items. this mag pouch is shown I a Mac v book dated 69 showing nva/vc field gear and uniforms

3. PPSH43 leather magazine pouch with magazine
I do not know the origin of this pouch or the mag, it is mag for a ppsh 43. items came in a large collection i purchased some years ago  

1. Rear of PPSH43 pouch, has some markings on the strap and a star on stamped on the back of the leather pouch, there is also a small pouch for the oil bottle, this cold be any soviet block country

2. This great magazine pouch is most likely a nationalist Chinese pouch, or ww2 era pouch. not sure what it was for looks to be a Thompson machine gun magazine, during my search for identification on this pouch I have found it most looks like a national chinese made pouch
3. Back of the national chinese pouch, more green color left on the back, the front is going back to the canvas color before the die was put in the material

1. A captured french matt 49 magazine pouch 

2. Back of the original french matt 49 pouch
3. A captured pouch with documents, a chinese made ak chest rig with a 63 dated pay record book. note that came with rig states it was brought back by sgt dick mullard, advisor to the 48th arvn regiment

1. Another great original captured rig complete with magazines and oil bottle
2. Very cool, early chicom made ppsh 41 magazine pouch for the Chinese mags, in very good unused condition, may have come from a weapons cache


A very early vc/nva helmet, cloth covered bamboo woven, only one like this i have seen

Interior of woven hat, very well made, looks very close to the later nva issue helmet, there are some of these pictured in some of the books put out my mac v as captured head gear of the vc.nva


A captured nva helmet, brought back by a Mac v sog vet , has documentation with pictures of the vet , from Jason hardy at the dog tag .com

Interior of above captured helmet showing the coolest thing about this helmet, the design done under the brim. This is a very sought after personalization of the north Vietnamese helmets


Picked up on a recon mission, it must have been discarded due to the missing suspension


Take a close look at the suspension, look were it mounts to the shell and the color of the mounts, they look pink, it was painted green, if its not pink under the green its not a standard war time issue


According to mac v sog vets this was a ciso supplied cover to use in the cross border recon missions. This information comes from a source in mac v sog community  

Back of the canteen covers



Back of sign, this is a US canned soda, the era of this label according to the company archives is between late 50' to early 60's. how the sheet of steel got to Vietnam is a mystery
update - 2/1/2011
I was contacted by man who was in vietnam in 73-75, he told me that he saw suit cases made from sheets of the same soda can material, near plekui, thanks for the documentation George


Original captured silk Viet cong flag. Flag comes from John O'Connor. This is the first flag I bought for my collection years ago

close up of Vietnamese writing
translates to
tran-giay mat = brazen faced trampled
phong mien , trampled to death


I have a large collection of Viet cong and north Vietnamese war time boonies, field made and issue, here are 6 to start, all original, I keep a hat if it has something different about it than the others, I find most of hats are different unless they are nva reed green issue 

A very nice field made or local Taylor shop made boonie, most don't have the plastic sweat band, this makes me think its a Taylor shop made item

Inside of the boonie, showing the black liner and the plastic sweat band

Original nva issue boonie, this one has been put away for years in a safe place, its 100% original, and in excellent condition, has the heavy plastic rain shield sewn inbetween the liner and the outer cloth

Interior of an original nva boonie hat

Real hard to find boonie, viet cong main force kaki boonie, I have a shirt that matches this boonie exactly and is pictured in the previous pictures, this is a field or jungle shop sewn boonie, very rare color
Interior of viet cong main force kaki boonie

Jungle work shop made viet cong boonie, made of green pieces of scrap cloth, old uniforms ect. Tthe outer cover of the boonie is silk from a parachute

The interior of the above boonie, showing all the parchments that were used to sew the hat together

This is just a nice original vc boonie discolored from the elements and use, hat has smaller brim

Interior of above boonie showing the construction of the hat

A local made large brim boonie hat, kaki color, larger size

Interior of above boonie