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NVA Viet-Cong2

NVA Viet-Cong


Handmade NVA knife taken from dead NVA soldier
August 19th 1965. Operation starlight, by JL may, 2nd battalion 4th marines. Has his signed letter and direct embroidered name tape and early surrender leaflet
Bought out of a very large collection that went up for sale in Texas.


I sold my last set of these and regretted it and I was lucky to find these and be able to purchase them. they are unworn, chi com made. This shoe is the correct one issued to the NVA for use in the Vietnam war, few survived the ordeal down the trail and jungle life, a very cool hard to find item
thank you David 


Very rare to find French item, this one has documentation from Vet and story of finding it in Vietnam 1970
The case and mags were for French model 1924 m29 light machine gun as used by the French in ww2 and Indochina and later by the Viet-cong


They were captured early in the advisor period 1963. These were a recent find, i have had one of the exact rounds in my collection forever and was suppressed to see these come up for sale. These are very rare. Copper plate is marked
Inerted 6/10/63 50mm mortar round French, captured from the Vietcong


Just received this, nice original captured chest rig with mags and accessories. Shows lots of original use and is dated 1971, there are some Vietnamese names and words on the back, there is a paper that came with the rig with translations

A very fine local made main force VC shirt, shirt shows use and has stains, the buttons are cut edge and the epilates are sewn on to the shirt, the shirt is black turning gray from age

Super hard to find item, this was bought in a group of items from the estate of a USMC veteran. Robert c Haggerty, he served in the marines from 1964 to 1968. He was in Vietnam in 1965-66. This is a handmade Viet Cong grenade carrier to be attached to a belt. I have one seen one other in emerings book, he describes this as a booby trap. After careful inspection i feel it was used to attach a grenade to a belt. Thanks Travis


This was captured in a bunker during the 1970 invasion of Cambodia the game is a type of Chinese chess. Played in south East Asia. The veteran was with the 2nd bn, 7th cav. Thank you bob .
I was contacted by an expert at this game who travels the world playing it in competition . The game was developed as a game of strategy and tactics on war fare. This was also used in the Chieu Hoi program see on details of the gifts of this item
I have another one of these games that was captured by a mac v sog vet that was in a group of items in the NVA VC section., it was carried in a sock . Before this item i was not sure what the game was


Captured by SGT. Thomas Marich, 5th Special Forces group, ben het Vietnam. Mr Marich documented the item with pictures of his id cards and his jungle jacket. It contains all the original meds and some pictures and some stamps. This has remained exactly as captured
This type of medical kit was what the NVA were issued, they are seldom seen and a lot of collectors do not know that they are original war time items


This is the only one i have ever seen like this, salty and Vietnamese made, has original capture papers dd603. The cork helmet is cloth covered and painted green, pin has been on helmet a long time. Typical leather chin strap with aluminum buckles. Looks to be a copy of a us ww2 jungle pith helmet.

Another variation of the white war time plastic canteen, this one does not have the star embossed on the canteen. north Vietnamese made

A real hard canteen to find, Bakelite top with green body with embossed star and harness. North Vietnamese made

This canteen is all plastic, with plastic cap. This is another variation of plastic canteen, much smaller than the one that is Chinese origin this one is north Vietnamese made

Another variation of chi com canteen, this one is pear shaped and slightly larger than the issue NVA chi com canteen

Not sure who made this one, Chinese are Vietnamese made, not sure, its original war time canteen, just another variation used in the war

Vietnamese made horn, all brass construction with Bakelite mouth piece. These were used the same as the bugles to signal an attack. I have only seen two of these in all the years i have been collecting.

One of the rarest NVA items, this is an original north Vietnamese military issue rain coat. Take a look these are real hard to come by. This one is in real nice condition.

Original NVA issued sneakers, as captured, notice the south Vietnamese Cammo used on one shoe and the odd cloth used on the other, it almost looks as they were made with this material or repaired ,. The tread design is the correct type with one piece front for war time shoes made by the North Vietnamese very cool piece

Unusual captured pouch, not sure of its use, looks to be hamlet made, I have encountered a few of these over the years, it may have been made to be inserted into a larger pouch

These two items were captured together, the small one is empty and the other contains a mortar site, the small box is dated 1960 and the mortar site box has only a 44 marked on the top, both show heavy field use, the site is still working. I have another one of the large boxes that was picked up in the after math of Tet 68

A very nicely and decorated water buffalo horn, has the reed and mouth piece, vet bring back, these were used to signal for all kinds of reasons

I have seen pictures of these in captured VC- NVA bunkers, they are French ration cans, modified for drinking or?? These are rare and very hard to find, they are from the first Indochina war or right after

These were all over Vietnam during the war, I call it a rice cooker, looks to be made out of aircraft aluminum from downed air craft. There are some makings on the side, very hard to make out but has the same logo with the dove as the porcelain cups and plates carried by the NVA and VC, looks to be factory made

This is a well-made piece, not sure what it’s for but looks again to be make out of aircraft aluminum, it has maker marks on the bottom. Looks to be machine spun. Could have carried anything liquid, top fits liquid tight

Another rare item of issue NVA clothing, this is an original NVA sweater. Only one i have ever found. I have known of them from other collectors but never found one until this collection came up